The wall of fear

The story behind the wall is quit interesting. The subject camed first up under the election to become president. Donald Trump wanted to build a wall between The United States and Mexico. Over the hole borther with a length of 3145 000 meters.  Mr. Trump thinks that this wall will prevent a lot of illegal immigration of Mexicans, who steels jobs, bring drugs and contributes to crime in the country. I think that the subject of the wall was one of the main reasons why he won the election, and became the president. And that is why the subject about the wall is sow important. If he can’t build this wall, will this indicate that Donald Trump can’t accomplish his promises.

Donald Trump are using a government shutdown to get enough money sow he can pay for his wall. This shutdown has been the longest shutdown in the US-history. This is not the first time, but the longest shutdown ever. His wall has caused a lot of problems to the United States. Over 800,000 people are not getting their salary, because the money has to be used on the wall. The wall has a budget of 5.7 billion US- dollars. Manny people has to stay home or working for free. American citizens are struggling to pay dets, and to take care of their family, because of this shutdown. The people who are most affected are people who are working for the government. This are people who works in the police, as an firefighter or as an medical emergency worker.

We can see big similarities between Brexit and the United States. The biggest similarity between Brexit and the wall of United States is that they did this to create a bigger distance between the countries around them. As between Britten and the European Union(Brexit) or Mexico and USA (wall).

The expression “Buck stop here” means that a person can’t blame his mistake on other’s if he made this mistake by his own. He has to take responsibility for his own action. And that is something Donald Trump aren’t following.


Is It brave to suffer in silence?

Sometimes is it normal to suffer. Its common that deaf, or other sad things in your life comes up. If you have problems, and want to talk about it, you should contact your friends or family to talk about it. If they aren’t available, can you try to talk out loud about this theme or problem to yourself. It might help you.

But if you decide to keep it for your self, doesn’t it make you brave. The best way to work trow pain, is to talk about it. But if you keeps it for your self, will you not help anyone, and no-one will help you back.

We read the short story from Hemmingway named “A day’s wait”. The story is about a nine years old German boy ho thought he would die because he thought he had onehundred and two in fever. But the German boy didn’t know about Fahrenheit’s and thought he had one hundred and two Celsius in fever and would die. He kept this tough for him self, but later found out that Fahrenheit’s and Celsius wasn’t the same thing.

F=(Cx2)+30            this is the formula to calculate how Manny Fahrenheit’s the temperature of x Celsius is.

The lost generation is a concept that were used after the WW1. The lost generation where people who where youths under the war, and lost their is the generation with Youths how lost their youth because of the WorldWar1. The lost generation harmed people who was born between 1883-1900th

Bilderesultat for hemingway cats

Ways of Being a Good Citizen

In todays English class did we got a assignment of choosing two out of six pictures. Me and my friend Daniel from the 1STG class choosed the picture of “Employee of the month” and  the picture of “Leonardo DiCaprio raising awareness of climate changes”.

The first picture shows an female, who is an ordinary citizen who works hard and pays all her taxes. In fact, she works so hard that she become the employee of the month. Me and my companion Daniel thinks that she is a good citizen because she is contributing the society. But because humans thinks differently, does someone mean that every citizen have a duty of working hard and paying taxes, and shod do something extra.

In the second picture, can we see Leonardo DiCaprio holding a speech for people around the world, trying to do a difference in the UN-building. In the picture can we see that he tries to convinse someone. After my English class watched the documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio called “before the flood”, did I knew that he tried to convince important persons and great leaders in the world gatherd in the UN-building, to make a difference. The documentary is about Mr. DiCaprio traveling all around the world in two years to see all the consecvenses  from global warming, and raising awareness of global warming to make a better planet to live on in the future. And for me, is that a good exsample of a good citizen, because he tries to make a difference, so other people in the in the wold will have a better future to live in.


Dear Mr. DiCapro

Dear Mr. DiCaprio

My name is Tom-Vegar Moen and I am a American sittisent who lives in Norway. As a half Norwegian, is the cold climate a big part of me, but if it disappears, will I lose a big part of me. And I don’t want that in the future. We recently viewed your documentary “Before the flood” in English class. I found the things and argument very interesting, and I mostly agreed with everything you said. I really liked your speech about climate changes for the UN. The thing that surprised me was how much ice that melted the last 5 years. You guys talk about 30 feet. And that really shocked me.

The only thing I knew about global was that it was that it would affects us, and our living in the future, but not how big this problem would be. But now I know, and it’s terrifying me, that my children and grandchildren will perhaps never see natural snow in Norway. And that manny places in the world can’t be possible to live in. And big conflicts will come up, like big fights over water, food, and other resources.

Sow dear Mr. DiCaprio, please don’t stop working to help people how important Global Warming is, and show people the consecvensesv of it. And help the future, sow everyone will live a better live.

From Tom-Vegar Moen

My Opinions of Spare Parts

The ting that surprised me in the film was that the poor Latino kids from Carl Haydan Community high school won the under water rover contest, against the best collages in the country included MIT and Virginia Tech. The Latino kids won the contest with a rover made of pvc-pipes, cables, plastic and small engines. This rover had a budget of under 800 bucks. And the MIT collage used 1800 dollars in the rover. MIT and the other Collages had Manny resources and thing to help each other. And in the other part didn’t Carl Haydan community high school because they where not legally citizens. This affected the Latino kids work because they didn’t have the resources to do it the easy  and normal way, but instead went the hard and difficult way, and made good results.

One fact in the movie that surprised me was that all the Latino in the movies where brought illegal in to the country. And that ICE wanted to send them back to Mexico when they where 18 years old, and in my sights they where still kids for me. Even if the movie had Manny true facts, did they made some scenes to mace the movie more dramatic. The biggest thing that surprised me was that they added the roll as the engineer teacher to the movie. Because he had a big roll in the movie, and didn’t actually exist in the reality.

Rovers and robots can be used for helping us humans to make a easier day, discover spots where humans can’t be/live, and help each other. And other areas where its difficult and dangerous for humans to be. The rover can help humans in for example Mars or radioactive places. Today do we have robots under water to clean/fixs and reinstall maskins under water. A company that works with subsea rovers is ABB. The company ABB is in the top of Subsea technology. This helps us to work under water without human injuries and problems. This will help us to avoid to use divers in big deeps. Japan works to develop rovers that can work in radioactive places where humans can’t be. And Kina works with masking that can predict if a person in coma are going to wake up or not.



Mt reading of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a novel written by Sherman Alexie. The theme of this novel is about loneliness, alienation and belonging. Junior is a “part-time Indian” and lives on the Indian reservation in Spokane, but goes to a white highschool in Readen.  This sentence below expresses the theme of the novel.

“I realized that I might be a lonely Indian boy, but I was not alone in my loneliness. There were millions of other Americans who had left their birthplaces in search of a dream”.

His life take place in two different places. The first place is home in the reservation, in Spokane where he lives with his family. The other place is in the whiteman town called Readen. Readen high school is the school where Arnold is studying. The sentence below describes how the maincharacter thinks of his reservation in Spokane.

“The reservation is beautiful. I mean it. Take a look. There are pine trees everywhere. Thousands of ponderosa pine trees. Millions. I guess i maybe take pine trees for granted.”

Arnold biggest problem in the book is when he starts at the highschool in Readen. Readen is a small-town school for whitepeople, and is over 20 miles away from the reservation in Spokane. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in the reservation, so he only way to move out of the reservation was to start on Readen, and get a good education to leave in collage later and follow his dream out of poverty. To do this he had to leave his birthplace and friend to reach this opetunety. The sentence below tells us how many others in the world left their birthplace to follow their dreams.

“I realized that I might be a lonely Indian boy, but I was not alone in my loneliness. There were millions of other Americans who had left their birthplaces in search of a dream”.

The main character  named Arnold/Junior are changing a lot during the book. One exsample is the respect to Junior. Nobody gave respect to Arnold when he started at Readen, until he punched Rodger (the alfadog at school) in the face. An other exsample is he in the basketballteam. When he went to the high school in the reservation was he just a dissent player of the team, but in the school at Readen was Arnold their secret weapon.

“Arnold, it’s now up to you”: said the Coach

My advice to follow students

Today I wanted to write a blogpost with my friend Erlend. His blogg is named “blogatschool” on WordPress. Our task today was to write a short blogpost about how to learn cleverly. The goal is to help you guys to get a better learning technique that you can use in school.

The most popular learning technique that I know about is called the “promodoro technique”. This technique is all about to get rid of all distractions around you to help you to go inside the flow when you works. To get inside the flow, you need a big focus. The Promodoro technique want you to have focus just on one spesial thing/only one thing to work with in only 25 minutes. The scientists have proofs that the first 20 minutes when you are working with something ,will your brain automatically begin to thing about everything else. You will start to think about every distractions around you, like facebook, snapchat and other thing like your self phone. We can call this distractions a pain in your brain. But when you have past the 25 minutes will you have passed the pain, and already worked in 5 minutes without distractions. When we are working without distractions will we be in the flow. But if you’re not in the flow, can you take a break and try again later.

Another technique is when you are reading something, and later are asking yourself questions about the text. If you are refreshing the subject enough times from the text, will you remember it to the test. And the best way to prepare to the test is if you do this over several days.