Is It brave to suffer in silence?

Sometimes is it normal to suffer. Its common that deaf, or other sad things in your life comes up. If you have problems, and want to talk about it, you should contact your friends or family to talk about it. If they aren’t available, can you try to talk out loud about this theme or problem to yourself. It might help you.

But if you decide to keep it for your self, doesn’t it make you brave. The best way to work trow pain, is to talk about it. But if you keeps it for your self, will you not help anyone, and no-one will help you back.

We read the short story from Hemmingway named “A day’s wait”. The story is about a nine years old German boy ho thought he would die because he thought he had onehundred and two in fever. But the German boy didn’t know about Fahrenheit’s and thought he had one hundred and two Celsius in fever and would die. He kept this tough for him self, but later found out that Fahrenheit’s and Celsius wasn’t the same thing.

F=(Cx2)+30            this is the formula to calculate how Manny Fahrenheit’s the temperature of x Celsius is.

The lost generation is a concept that were used after the WW1. The lost generation where people who where youths under the war, and lost their is the generation with Youths how lost their youth because of the WorldWar1. The lost generation harmed people who was born between 1883-1900th

Bilderesultat for hemingway cats


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