Ways of Being a Good Citizen

In todays English class did we got a assignment of choosing two out of six pictures. Me and my friend Daniel from the 1STG class choosed the picture of “Employee of the month” and  the picture of “Leonardo DiCaprio raising awareness of climate changes”.

The first picture shows an female, who is an ordinary citizen who works hard and pays all her taxes. In fact, she works so hard that she become the employee of the month. Me and my companion Daniel thinks that she is a good citizen because she is contributing the society. But because humans thinks differently, does someone mean that every citizen have a duty of working hard and paying taxes, and shod do something extra.

In the second picture, can we see Leonardo DiCaprio holding a speech for people around the world, trying to do a difference in the UN-building. In the picture can we see that he tries to convinse someone. After my English class watched the documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio called “before the flood”, did I knew that he tried to convince important persons and great leaders in the world gatherd in the UN-building, to make a difference. The documentary is about Mr. DiCaprio traveling all around the world in two years to see all the consecvenses  from global warming, and raising awareness of global warming to make a better planet to live on in the future. And for me, is that a good exsample of a good citizen, because he tries to make a difference, so other people in the in the wold will have a better future to live in.



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