Dear Mr. DiCapro

Dear Mr. DiCaprio

My name is Tom-Vegar Moen and I am a American sittisent who lives in Norway. As a half Norwegian, is the cold climate a big part of me, but if it disappears, will I lose a big part of me. And I don’t want that in the future. We recently viewed your documentary “Before the flood” in English class. I found the things and argument very interesting, and I mostly agreed with everything you said. I really liked your speech about climate changes for the UN. The thing that surprised me was how much ice that melted the last 5 years. You guys talk about 30 feet. And that really shocked me.

The only thing I knew about global was that it was that it would affects us, and our living in the future, but not how big this problem would be. But now I know, and it’s terrifying me, that my children and grandchildren will perhaps never see natural snow in Norway. And that manny places in the world can’t be possible to live in. And big conflicts will come up, like big fights over water, food, and other resources.

Sow dear Mr. DiCaprio, please don’t stop working to help people how important Global Warming is, and show people the consecvensesv of it. And help the future, sow everyone will live a better live.

From Tom-Vegar Moen


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