My Opinions of Spare Parts

The ting that surprised me in the film was that the poor Latino kids from Carl Haydan Community high school won the under water rover contest, against the best collages in the country included MIT and Virginia Tech. The Latino kids won the contest with a rover made of pvc-pipes, cables, plastic and small engines. This rover had a budget of under 800 bucks. And the MIT collage used 1800 dollars in the rover. MIT and the other Collages had Manny resources and thing to help each other. And in the other part didn’t Carl Haydan community high school because they where not legally citizens. This affected the Latino kids work because they didn’t have the resources to do it the easy  and normal way, but instead went the hard and difficult way, and made good results.

One fact in the movie that surprised me was that all the Latino in the movies where brought illegal in to the country. And that ICE wanted to send them back to Mexico when they where 18 years old, and in my sights they where still kids for me. Even if the movie had Manny true facts, did they made some scenes to mace the movie more dramatic. The biggest thing that surprised me was that they added the roll as the engineer teacher to the movie. Because he had a big roll in the movie, and didn’t actually exist in the reality.

Rovers and robots can be used for helping us humans to make a easier day, discover spots where humans can’t be/live, and help each other. And other areas where its difficult and dangerous for humans to be. The rover can help humans in for example Mars or radioactive places. Today do we have robots under water to clean/fixs and reinstall maskins under water. A company that works with subsea rovers is ABB. The company ABB is in the top of Subsea technology. This helps us to work under water without human injuries and problems. This will help us to avoid to use divers in big deeps. Japan works to develop rovers that can work in radioactive places where humans can’t be. And Kina works with masking that can predict if a person in coma are going to wake up or not.




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