My advice to follow students

Today I wanted to write a blogpost with my friend Erlend. His blogg is named “blogatschool” on WordPress. Our task today was to write a short blogpost about how to learn cleverly. The goal is to help you guys to get a better learning technique that you can use in school.

The most popular learning technique that I know about is called the “promodoro technique”. This technique is all about to get rid of all distractions around you to help you to go inside the flow when you works. To get inside the flow, you need a big focus. The Promodoro technique want you to have focus just on one spesial thing/only one thing to work with in only 25 minutes. The scientists have proofs that the first 20 minutes when you are working with something ,will your brain automatically begin to thing about everything else. You will start to think about every distractions around you, like facebook, snapchat and other thing like your self phone. We can call this distractions a pain in your brain. But when you have past the 25 minutes will you have passed the pain, and already worked in 5 minutes without distractions. When we are working without distractions will we be in the flow. But if you’re not in the flow, can you take a break and try again later.

Another technique is when you are reading something, and later are asking yourself questions about the text. If you are refreshing the subject enough times from the text, will you remember it to the test. And the best way to prepare to the test is if you do this over several days.


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